Rattling a jawbone at Tap Root

The David Wax Museum, a distinctly alternative band, stops at Tap Root at 9 p.m. on Tuesday en route to the Midnight Sun Folk Festival in Nome. The Tap Root people suggest it's a great time to catch them before they become more famous; they've already picked up nice reviews from the New Yorker and Time magazine. And at $5 for advance tickets ($7 at the door) they may have a point.

The band's bio calls Wax "a charismatic, lanky Missourian singing tight harmony" and musical collaborator Suz Slezak "a Southern belle rattling the jawbone of a donkey" along with multi-instrumentalist Greg Glassman to "fuse traditional Mexican folk with American roots and indie rock to create a Mexo-Americana aesthetic" that combines "Latin rhythms, infectious melodies, and call-and-response hollering."

The jawbone thing sounds odd, but there's a photo of Slezak holding it in the press material. What kind of case do you put that in? How does it go through airport security?

We're hoping that she's somehow related to the long-departed Metropolitan Opera star Leo Slezak, but nothing at the site suggests that. However, the fact that they're willing to travel to Nome (the festival is June 21-22) suggests that they have moxie. Catch a video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YOOlc0y6Ps.