Letter: Cobb’s exit lacks professionalism

Several letters have been written in support of Dr. Cobb, who was recently fired as the athletic director at UAA. People have a right to their opinion; however, Dr. Cobb’s statement in the ADN May 29 regarding Patrick Gamble’s mental ability and Mike Edwards’ letter that all should be ashamed of what was done to UAA’s Cobb show their real character.

Name-calling reminds me of bullies in the schoolyard.

Regarding Doyle Woody, sportswriter, for ADN: He has done a great job in his field reporting on hockey and other sports for many years.

In my opinion Dr. Cobb should have afforded the professionalism he now expects to others he has fired over the years. Dr. Cobb called those people who wanted him out scoundrels. There is more to the story of Dr. Cobb being fired than meets the eye.

Myopic, maybe not.

— Margaret Hansen