Letter: Those with clean records don’t mind gun background checks

In a article in the Juneau Empire on June 13, it was pointed out that Sen. Mark Begich opposed a bill in Congress to expand background checks on gun buyers. A couple of months ago I wrote the senator and asked him to support this bill. He refused. Second Amendment rights. I told him then he was making Alaskans look like fools.

As I told the senator, those of us with clean backgrounds don’t mind the inconvenience of a background check one bit. If this keeps one kid from being shot, or one old person from being robbed at gunpoint, I’m all for it. If it keeps one police officer from being shot, I’m all for it. I am the last person who likes to see more laws but this one is a good one and benefits law-abiding citizens. 

Guns don’t do anything else but kill. Just take a look around you, how many tragedies involve guns. Better yet, talk to a police officer or other law enforcement person.

— Sheila Higgins 

former village public safety officer