Letter: Figures for Knik Arm bridge don’t add up

I just read a story about a new study on the Knik Arm bridge. I can’t believe that the state is going to throw more money at an unworkable project.

To just pay the interest on the loan for the project, they would need to collect $300 an hour 24/7, from what I have been able to calculate. That is a lot of cars and trucks or very high tolls. That doesn’t take into consideration lighting, winter snow removal (can’t put it in the Inlet) or maintenance. Also, why would someone pay a toll to drive the same distance from Wasilla?

A better use of the money would be to improve Knik Road to handle heavy traffic to and from the dock, and add one lane to and from Wasilla/Anchorage. This would not need to be studied to death, and work could start as early as next summer without added bureaucracy, and most likely cost less money.

— Charles Watson