Letter: What’s wrong with this picture?

Hmmmm … Athletic director fires hockey coach; athletic director forms search committee to find new coach; search committee screens applicants and recommends finalists to athletic director; segment of hockey community protests process; chancellor, who has never prepared a job description for a coach, changes qualifications for coach and appoints supplemental search committee; supplemental search committee screens applicants and determines additional candidates.

In the between time: Athletic director is fired by the chancellor (athletic director does not report to chancellor), and who did not receive firing orders from the president of the university who in turn did not receive pressure from the governor and of course there was no regents involvement.

The vice chancellor for administrative services announces that he will be the hiring authority for the coach, even though an acting athletic director is appointed, who will be in position until an interim athletic director can be appointed, who will be in position until a real athletic director can be appointed. Why not appoint Ashley Reed athletic director? After all, he is already the de facto director.

— Lee Piccard