Letter: Is Board of Game management just an act?

Admittedly, the Board of Game has a tough job balancing a myriad of land use interests while deflecting blame for mess-ups away from itself, which sometimes appears to be its main raison d’etre. I agree with State Rep. Andy Josephson’s note that BOG’s own assessment that its “act of management is not science” but more “value judgment.”

 Recently ADN has twice quoted Game as saying its actions were taken at the request of the public. The increase of brown bear hunting on the Kenai passed because “that is what the public wants.” And Sub-unit 19A has the same justification. 

However, something rings out of tune. BOG didn’t follow that line of reasoning when discarding the Denali Park Buffer Zone that allowed the snaring of the pregnant alpha female of Denali’s Grant Creek wolf pack, which basically destroyed a major tourist attraction in Denali Park. This was merrily quite contrary to what a majority of people and science wanted.

So one must wonder, is the “act of management” really just an act? 

— Ken Green

Cooper Landing


Anchorage Daily News