Letter: Downtown post office is missed

It is with some sadness I discovered that the downtown Anchorage post office closed forever May 18. A sign directs patrons to the Eastchester branch. As best I can determine Anchorage has had a downtown Post Office since 1915 when early settlers moved from the banks of Ship Creek up to the bluff’s edge that is now Fourth Avenue and the plain to the south. 

In the ’60s and ’70s when it was in the Old Federal Building across from the Fourth Avenue Theater, it was a noon-time social center and gathering place that attracted everyone from airline president Bob Reeve to much of the legal community on weekdays. It had been there since the 1930s when the Federal Building went up.

This is sadly another sign of the declining fortunes of the U.S. Postal Service as first class mail continues to decline thanks in large part to the Internet. 

Ted Stevens would not have allowed this to happen. Ben Franklin would roll over in his grave. 

— Flip Todd



Anchorage Daily News