Letter: Josephson’s outstanding first year

Jim Lieb — not Andy Josephson — needs to do homework on predators

 Rep. Josephson should be congratulated for opposing ADF&G’s rancid policy of using helicopters to gun down 150 wolves and recently 89 bears as part of its ever-expanding predator cleaning mission. This scientifically bankrupt, politically motivated and costly program is nothing more than game-farming. Many Alaskan find it appalling.

 I encourage Mr. Lieb and others interested in the vital role predators play in maintaining healthy ecosystems to read William Stolzenbergs book, “Where the Wild Things Were.” This book is endorsed by prominent biologists E.O. Wilson and George B. Schaller. The book’s bibliography of supporting research is 50 pages long.

Again, many thanks to Rep. Josephson for an outstanding first year in the Legislature.

— Johnny Johnson


Anchorage Daily News