Letter: Not many flags flown on Flag Day

June 14 was Flag Day. What a disappointment. From C Street to Goldenview Drive the only USA flag I saw was the one I put out on our deck at 6:30 a.m. Not one flag did I see on any business nor home in between. What a sad situation when we, as a nation or a state, cannot take time out of our day to hang out the American flag and think about what it represents or show our appreciation for what it means.

Are we that self-centered? Are we becoming what we hope we will not become? If we cannot respect the simple things such as flag then what does that say for all the rest of it?

Am I angry? No. Disappointed? Yes. As a country we have lost so much yet we continue to choose not to take part. Why not? Ten bucks for a flag and two minutes to focus on what a flag is is not much to ask, but then maybe it is.

— Johnny Rusch


Anchorage Daily News