Letter: Vote against Affordable Care Act hurts families with illnesses

Before going on a hunt in Africa and missing a discussion about the management of oil in Alaska, Congressman Don Young did manage to vote against the Affordable Care Act.

The reason given to me was it was “too expensive for our country.” The fact the Congressional Budget Office estimated the Affordable Care Act would save $700 billion. So with bad information my congressman voted to 1) Deny me a chance to carry my older children on my insurance, 2) Allow insurance companies to cancel policies at their discretion (which could happen to a sister-in-law now that her family has a second person with cancer in the last five years), 3) Allow insurance companies to cancel insurance for my folks because they’re getting old (which happened to my father-in-law when he turned 80), and 4) Allow more families to go bankrupt. Let’s remember that until the Affordable Care Act passed, 65 percent of bankruptcies were caused by health care costs and of those going bankrupt 75 percent had insurance.

Alaska, we can do better.

— Bill Tremblay




Anchorage Daily News