Letter: If NSA snooping on us heads off terrorist attack, it’s well worth it

Everyday radio, TV, newspapers, Internet services and others issue reports about the horrible snooping the National Security Agency (NSA) does into citizens’ telephone calls, Internet messages, e-mails, etc.

So what’s the big deal?

Big corporations such as banks, mortgage companies, insurance companies, credit card companies and a number of Internet personal information companies snoop in to your background constantly. 

How? Several companies use your credit score to set loan rates, mortgage rates, and insurance rates and even determine if you are a good candidate for employment offers. Further, Internet information companies glean information from public court records. This is formation is available for a price, if you wish to see what information they have on you.

The news media makes a big deal of the NSA snooping because it sells papers and ads.

In my opinion if one terrorist operation is stopped by NSA snooping that is a job well done.

Lets hear from others on corporate snooping.

— Ken Clark


Anchorage Daily News