Letter: Let’s bring some common sense to issues of jobs and economy

In response to Paul Krugman’s column (ADN, June 16): As a conservative I am not shouting evil redistribution, but shouting, let’s use common sense.

The first mistake we made as a nation is that everyone must go to college, regardless of their career field or attributes. Seventy-five percent of Alaska students do not go to college, so what should they do?

Second problem is that students attending college have no idea what they want to do in life. I told my sons that if they went to college, they were not Kennedys and their degree needed to have a useful job attached.

Instead of redistributing money I have made how about training these kids to be plumbers, electricians or run a sewer pump truck. Heck, how about yard work — we pay about $75-95 dollars an hour to have our yard mowed.

There are many jobs out there, just not ones most of our high school graduates want to do. If they get hungry enough they will find one.

— Judy Eledge