Letter: Anchorage residents stepped up

The writers who commented on Anchorage being a “mean” and “trashy” place to live will hopefully benefit after hearing my story.

On Memorial Day afternoon my purse was stolen from my grocery cart in the Fred Meyer parking lot. Many people I don’t know to this day helped: the Fred Meyer courtesy clerk who chased the guy, the Tesoro station clerk provided information and tape back-up, three cars of citizens who followed the car with the purse snatcher, called 911, worked with APD officer D. Wilson (who was superb at keeping control of the situation) and her team. All this resulted in the capture of the family involved and the return of my purse and contents except the cash.

Those people didn’t know me from Adam, yet they didn’t blink an eye when help was requested. I am eternally grateful to each person and I wish I could thank them in person. I hope when people see trash, they pick it up. I hope when people hear or see meanness, they respond with appropriate behavior to defuse the situation.

— Ramona S. Duby