Letter: KHAR management must not have realized how many listeners it had

As I work in my garage, I am listening to the “sounds of silence” and it is not Simon and Garfunkel. My hands are too dirty to change CD discs. Since KHAR went to sports babble there is not much else to listen to.

We have listened to KHAR’s easy listening, oldies and radio shows from the past for many years. Obviously, from the number of letters to the editor in the ADN, there is/was a very loyal and solid listenership for the old KHAR.

I wonder how KHAR’s advertising revenues are doing. I suspect that a bunch of the old advertisers are not pleased with the change. I do not envy the sales force.

I have a hard time believing KHAR management realized how much of a loyal following it had and threw away. There are plenty of sports stations but there was only one KHAR.

— Bill Parker