Record heat can be deadly for dogs in cars

Anchorage can go years without getting the high temperatures we've had recently, hence a reminder: A vehicle left in the heat is not a safe place for dogs, even with windows cracked.

As the following link from illustrates, the temperature inside a car can quickly rise higher than 100 degrees when the temperature outside is the 80s, and it can take as little as 10 minutes.

Don't take a chance. Fido is best left at home if you're going to have to stop and leave the car in the heat.

And the warning goes beyond vehicles -- dogs get dehydrated too. A friend recently took her dog on a regular walk and noticed signs of dehydration before long. She now makes a point to carry a water bottle any time she's out with her dog in heat like this.

Anybody have any tips for keeping dogs comfortable in conditions they're not used to?