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Alaska Ear: Check it out (6/23/2013)

CHECK IT OUT . . . Is it a typo? Or a deeply Zen comment on our current incredible (temporary) weather?

The 2013 edition of the Milepost features a classy re-do of the cover we're so used to. And, in addition to the usual offerings of fishing, flights, maps etc., the cover now promises great "sighseeing."

SHE'S BAAACK . . . OK, she never completely goes away. A bunch of people want Our Sarah to run for the U.S. Senate. (Hmmmm, wonder what state she'd run in).

People who complain that nobody cares about Sarah anymore are dream weavers. Now that she's back at Fox News, they're doing polls again. A Huffington Post poll done June 13-14 says 52 percent of Americans now have an unfavorable opinion of her, but 73 percent of Republicans still thinks she's great -- or at least have a "favorable" opinion of her.

Seventy percent of Fox viewers are glad she's back.

SNIT FIT . . . Speaking of Senate races and the Huffington Post, the site is reporting that a group of Wall Street Democrats canceled a fundraiser for Mark Begich -- at the request of NYC Mayor Bloomberg -- because of his pro-gun vote.

OMG. Mark likes guns and Wall Street is mad at him. That's really going to hurt him with Alaska voters. Sure it will.

MAKE UP YOUR OWN JOKE . . . The governor sent out a news release Friday crowing about "progress" on the continuing fiction that we're going to get a gas pipeline here; and Ear quotes:

"North Slope producers BP, ConocoPhillips, and ExxonMobil, along with TC-Alaska, proceeded to the stage of project concept selection on a large volume Alaska LNG project."

Wow! We're all the way to "project concept selection." Start digging.

NOT ON THE MOVE . . . Word is former Alaska Redistricting Board Executive Director Taylor Bickford has declined an offer that he return to that job now that the panel has to start all over, drawing lines for the next election.

Commission members may be feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment. An email sent out last week detailing a pile of tasks to be tackled was titled "Fill in subject line."

READY FOR HER CLOSE-UP . . . "The Frozen Ground" has anointed its first Alaska star -- Julie Hasquet, former reporter, press aide to Sen. Begich and now working for BP. Julie is seen and heard in the film trailer, which is all over the Net.

Like half of Anchorage, Julie was hired as an extra when they shot the movie about rapist/killer Robert Hansen here. And, like everyone else, she's been waiting to see if her performance survived the editing process. She plays a reporter at a press conference.

Ear hasn't heard anything new about when we might see the whole movie. The release date is still allegedly Aug 23.

OUT AND ABOUT . . . APU held its tony fundraiser Wednesday and it lived up to its billing as a "Gatsby-style" evening. Entertainment was a spectacular Cirque du Soleil-like acrobatic show, and the auction bids were equally breathtaking.

Earwigs report the 2013 Mercedes E350 went to Realtor Bonnie Mehner for $65,000. Auctioneer Paul McGuire (Lesil's uncle and Debbie Reinwand's sweetie) brought the hammer down on Gwen Hendrickson's $18,000 bid for the African safari. A dinner cooked by the APU women's ski team went for $10,000. You get the idea.

When the auction take and the gate were added up, earwigs report the university raised more than half a million dollars.

OUTSIDE AND ABOUT . . . The Alaska Botanical Garden was full of familiar faces Thursday evening, enjoying the flora while sipping wine and noshing on good food at its annual fundraiser. Jane Anvik and Vic Fischer were there -- she wore a red garden party hat and he collected signatures for the oil tax petition; artists proliferated, including Marieke Heatwole, Sally Arant and Ayse Gilbert; retired Judge Vic Carlson ducked mosquitoes. The Alyeska Pipeline contingent featured Mike Heatwole, Katie Pesznecker and former president David Wight.

FLYING FACTOID . . . Gardening guru Jeff Lowenfels' first book is being translated into Dutch.

Dutch? Somehow, Ignorant Ear knows how to say "thank you" in French, Spanish and Japanese but doesn't recall ever even hearing Dutch spoken. Wonder how people in Holland say, "Teaming with Microbes."

ENTERPRISING . . . Mr. Spock is -- or was -- in town. Alas, not via a spaceship. Word is Leonard Nimoy and his wife are on an Alaska cruise.

Summer celebrity spotting is notoriously unreliable, but there's a photo taken at the Moose's Tooth to prove this one.

KUDOS . . . Was that ADN columnist and bird lover Elise Patkotak on ABC national news Wednesday? And what was the big story they wanted her to comment on?

Our "tropical" summer.

BETTER THAN A FONDU . . . Alors, no holiday pear-ginger scones for the multitude of earwigs who stock up on carbs at the Fire Island bakery. Owners Janis Fleischman and Jerry Lewinski are closing their South Addition shop July 3-5 so they can deliver 16 of their chocolate cakes to son Josh Saul's wedding in NYC.

A former reporter here, Josh now works for the N.Y. Post and has the best beat ever: Brooklyn criminal court.

Compiled by Sheila Toomey Message Sheila at 257-4341 or

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