Letter: Animals pay for human stupidity

Our hearts go out to anyone injured by a animal, especially a child.

However, why should any animal, wild or domestic, be expected to die because of a humans poor decision and resulting outcome.

With all the media coverage about animal attacks available today, all adults should recogonize that entering an unknown animal’s space is problematic. Dog lots are even more so. These dogs are not generally as socialized as your average household pet.

Children are often triggers because of their size, movement, and high pitched voices. These factors often trigger the play/prey response ... this is especially true with unknown or strange animals when you’re in their territory.

Animals should not be expected to pay the price for human stupidty. Wether it’s a bear having to die because some fool throws BBQ to him, or a parent allowing their child to enter a strange dogs space.

It’s about time people start accepting responsibility for their choices.

— Madelene Caselli


Anchorage Daily News