Letter: Assault story revealed problems

An Anchorage friend called: “I’m shocked.  The paper (ADN June 22) said that the police took four weeks to arrest a cab driver accused of sexual assault.  The victim reported the assault on the same day it occurred.  I’m scared because my granddaughter and great-granddaughter sometimes take a cab at night.”

The only good news in the article is that Lt. Michelle Bucher said, “I’m not completely satisfied with how long it took, and I’d like to see us do better.”  So would I!

I live in Homer and many of us go to Anchorage for medical appointments, shopping, or to visit family and friends.  Taking a cab is essential, especially because bus schedules are inadequate.  At the moment, we cannot trust the Yellow Cab Company to investigate the background of the drivers they hire.  We cannot trust the police to follow up quickly on reports of sexual assaults.  Can we trust that the police department, the Assembly, and the mayor will fix these problems?  

— Amy Bollenbach


Anchorage Daily News