Copper River dipnet zone a disgusting depository of human waste

You think dipnetters on the Kenai Peninsula are a messy bunch? The Copper River dipnet fishery is far more disgusting, Craig Medred writes in Alaska Dispatch. And the state is taking little responsibility for keeping the river banks clean.

[Dipnetters] crap in the woods. Anywhere and everywhere in the woods. It might be better if they crapped in the roaring, turbid Copper River, which is little more than a slurry pipeline to the sea. One could not find a better mixing and recycling system for human waste. But people don't crap there.

And it would definitely be better if they at least threw their toilet paper in the river and removed an eyesore from the shorelines, or at least buried the paper so others wouldn't need to look at it. But they don't do that either. 

How can you expect people who can't be bothered to pack home empty beer and soda cans or water bottles or anything else to show any respect for how the environment looks?

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