Letter: If dog isn’t euthanized, there are ramifications to be considered

Concerning the fate of Wizard, the dog who attacked Elin Shuck: If the Mat-Su commission decides Wizard is not to be euthanized, what restrictions will be placed to insure public safety, especially in crowded situations such as during Iditarod or Rondy events? Families with small children are present at those events. Would these restrictions also include a requirement for mandatory liability insurance for all dog lots and race teams? If so, how high would those liability limits be?

And what about Mr. Berkowitz, who states there is “a control that I have over them that no else has over those sled dogs.” Does this mean he has to be present 24/7 with the dogs, and what happens when he needs a “comfort break?” He wasn’t present during the attack.

Regardless of how much I like animals, I can’t imagine that a dog’s life is more valuable than that of a child.

— Lucy Matchett