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Letter: Parnell is making right moves

In response to the Compass piece by Bella Hammond, (June 13), I wish to correct the record. Although people can disagree on how to put more oil into the pipeline, it’s important that we characterize each other’s statements accurately.

While Governor Parnell recognizes the need to carefully steward the people’s money during the next few years as we reverse the decline of oil, the governor has never said we would tap into the Constitutional Budget Reserve or use earnings from the Alaska Permanent Fund. 

The governor is committed to controlling spending and, as we are already doing, utilizing some funds from the Statutory Budget Reserve to ensure Alaska remains financially sound. 

Our financial future is bright and Alaskans can be optimistic that we will turn around the production decline with the More Alaska Production Act.

— Sharon Leighow

Press secretary, Gov. Parnell