Letter: Same sex marriage shouldn’t be an issue

In response to the letter from the reader who wondered if all people agreed that bank robbery was not a crime, should we make it legal. This was to support denying same sex marriage. Bank robbery negatively affects others. Marrying someone of the same sex affects no one except the people involved. It harms no one. 

My husband and I have been married for 31 years. I have dear lesbian friends who are retired teachers who have been a couple for over 35 years. Another couple, two gay physicians, were together more than 30 years before one was tragically killed in an auto accident. Their relationships never had any ill effect on our marriage. However, these two couples were denied rights that my husband and I have had all along.

My husband will get my military retirement should I pre-decease him. Same sex partners have been denied these benefits even though one stayed home to raise the kids. Let’s celebrate equality and diversity.

— Edie Bailey

Eagle River