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Englishman hopes for a photo book about Wales, Alaska

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Ed Gold, an English photographer has traveled around the world documenting all things Welsh. He’s produced a lush album book about a Welsh colony in South America and even explored a connection between Wales and the Ukrainian city of Donetsk. Much of his traveling has been by motorcycle, but when he decided to head for Wales, Alaska, far off the road system, he had to fly, like everybody else.

Last month he told me that he was a smitten with the Inupiat village as he was by it’s namesake back in the British Isles. But he was also stuck by the fact that no one had done anything for Alaska’s Wales like he’d done with the Welsh of Patagonia. 

“The Native people of Wales do not have any books to represent them despite having lived (near) the Bering Land Bridge for thousands of years,” he said. 

Gold threw himself into taking photos of the place summer and winter and formulated a proposal for a full color book that would combine fine art photography with text addressing the history and society of the area. He’d like it to be published in English and Inupiaq and have a portion of any profits from the book sent to the village.

But having a great idea and photographic talent isn’t always enough to get a book deal. Gold’s proposals have been turned down so far and he’s getting perilously close to having his visa expire. Without a contract, he said, he’ll have to leave the U.S. and the past several years of work will have been for naught.

As of late last month, with the clock ticking, he was trying another idea to get his visa extended: landing a deal to create a fine art photography book about Alaska motorcyclists. Harleys are a passion for him, it turns out, so he’d readily throw his heart into such a project.  But, he said, the main reason for striving to stay in America is to complete the Wales book. In fact he’d like to do something similar for villages across Alaska’s west coast.

You can see some of the pictures he took at, and to work he's done for the BBC Those interested in knowing more can contact him at or call him at 907-947-6722.