Letter: Let’s have a vote on repealing oil tax bill

I agree with Dave Lewis (Letters June 24), the people need to have a voice, that’s the bedrock of our democracy. SB21 was passed by a Legislature elected in districts struck down by the State Supreme Court as unconstitutional. Voted in by the deciding votes of two ConocoPhillips employees and pushed by an ex-Conoco Phillips lobbyist.

The bill gives too much away with no guarantees to the state. No business with shareholders would do that; Alaska shareholders should be no different. We the people of Alaska are the shareholders of our state’s shared resources.

As for whether petitioners are paid or not, yes, some are, by lots of small, nonpartisan, grass roots donations. Most of the petitioners are volunteering without being paid because they believe the people of Alaska deserve better and the people should decide.

Put it to a vote!

— Terry Hennessey