Letter: Dog that mauled girl should die but victim’s mother is to blame

Jennifer Sunquist is at fault. The head of Mat-Su animal control and the attorney do not have enough experience or understanding of dog yards. Sled dogs become very excited when anyone is in the dog yard. Particularly strangers, other animals, small running things or children. Equipment fails, both old and new items, and the combination of the two events was unfortunate. 

But that woman purposely put three children at risk. She is responsible for the entire episode and is trying to cast blame anywhere but on her own shoulders.

I have run dogs, had a hundred-dog dog yard and if it were my dog it would be dead already, regardless of circumstances. I love dogs, but the dog should die. It attacked a human and went back after being pulled off. No question, death. The woman should pay the musher for the dog, as well as be fined for child endangerment.

— Barbara Hulbert

Big Lake