Letter: Court ruling reaffirms progress

I am proud today to stand on the right side of history after our Supreme Court ruled that denying legally married lesbian and gay couples federal benefits is unconstitutional.

All loving, committed couples deserve the chance to care for their families. Marriage is about working together, bettering the community, raising children and growing old together. Legally supported discrimination stands in the way of these birth-given rights. The true measure of a state is how we treat each other, and every person should have the opportunity to make a lifetime commitment to the person he or she loves.

This is a historic ruling for equality. This country is seeing extraordinary progress on marriage equality, rooted in principles Alaskans hold deep: that politicians should not get to decide what your family looks like, and that rights in this country should not depend on the state where you live. With this ruling, the power of Alaska and the country it is part of only increases as individual choices are both supported and protected.

— Cathy Holt