Boy riding atop family van falls onto Parks Highway

Michelle Theriault Boots

A six-year-old rode on the roof of his parents' minivan for three miles down the Parks Highway without the parents noticing before he tumbled off and onlookers plucked him off the highway and called 911, the Alaska State Troopers said Sunday.

The boy escaped with only minor cuts and bruises.

The child told troopers he was riding on his parents' car as it left their home near Mile 52 of the Parks Highway, according to an online trooper dispatch.

"We think the kid was riding on the roof where there are bars," said AST spokeswoman Beth Ipsen. "He has apparently done it before."

At Mile 49 of the highway, the boy lost his grip and fell onto the road.

A motorist saw the child on the road and picked him up, then drove to a nearby gas station and called 911, said Ipsen.

A parent showed up at the scene after another family member reported the boy missing from the home, troopers said.

No one involved was charged with a crime or traffic violation, Ipsen said.


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