Letter: Market vendors rude to visitor

For the first time in many years I took a visiting friend to the Saturday Market in Anchorage.  This friend was visiting from the great state of Texas. When vendors found out where she was from they were rude. There was an entire booth set up to ridicule Texas. Really? 

I have avoided Anchorage for years. I can say now I know why. For the most part the people in downtown were rude, inhospitable and just downright nasty. There was one vendor at the market who was kind and considerate, and my friend spent money at his booth. 

I have visited Texas several times over the past few years; at no time was anyone rude, nor did they make bad remarks about Alaska. 

Frankly, I was embarrassed by the downtown vendors of Anchorage. My recommendations to visitors to Anchorage is to stay away from the Saturday Market.  Visit other places that will value you and respect your home state, wherever that may be.

— Juanita Flechsing