Letter: Partisan insiders, not the public, are getting real redistricting info

The public is not getting the information it needs to participate effectively at public hearings regarding redistricting. Only certain partisan insiders appear to be included in the behind-the-scenes conversation loop for whatever is the Redistricting Board’s real final agenda for election 2014.

The board has an overload of maps. More maps are being added daily, even as public hearings are ongoing. Whatever maps are up now can later be changed once again. The available maps are hard to download. Once downloaded, the colors across districts and the lines between them are vague and incomprehensible. Hearings are being held under impossible time lines for effective public comment by either individuals or communities, urban or rural. 

Deliberate attempts to disenfranchise the public are not consistent with Alaska’s Constitution. This failed, unconstitutional process is bad for all Alaskans. It’s time for the courts to intervene and bring the process back to the people of Alaska.

— Kathleen Menke