Would-be Wasilla robber makes investigation easy, police say

Two clerks at a Wasilla gas station couldn't believe the 41-year-old man was serious when he informed them he was conducting a "stickup," police said. After all, he was unmasked, and one of the clerks was an acquaintance and knew his name. Then, when the suspect admitted he didn't have a gun, the other clerk simply locked the cash drawer and walked out the door, reports the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman.  

[Wasilla Police officer Bobby] Rader writes that on surveillance video from the store, the suspect can be seen moving behind the counter and messing with the cash register but apparently doesn’t get it open, though he did “possibly take an item sitting on top of it.” ...

The fiancé of the first clerk was outside and when he found out what happened he followed the suspect to the Mug-Shot [bar]. Officers talked to security there who said they’d seen him but he wasn’t around. Officers left.

“Shortly after they called reporting that the male had been hiding in some bushes nearby as officers passed by and he was currently walking along the Parks Highway,” Rader writes.

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