Letter: Give Spenard Market chance to make it up

In response to the letter to the editor in today’s newspaper by Juanita Flechsing of Wasilla regarding the downtown Saturday “Market vendors rude to visitor,” I’m soooo sorry for what she experienced. That rudeness and unfriendly behavior is not what us Alaskans are all about. If it’s a friendlier market she’s looking to share with out-of-state friends/relatives, I would like to invite her to the Spenard Farmers Market for such an experience! The Spenard Farmers Market is a very nice neighborhood/community of very friendly people, for sure. Much different than the downtown Saturday market. It’s located  at the corner of 26th and Spenard, under the windmill in the parking lot of Chilkoot Charlie’s. The Spenard Farmers Market features local produce, seafood and meat as well as a variety of high quality handmade local arts and crafts. The market is a place for community to thrive and hosts special educational and family events. Please, Ms. Flechsing, give us a chance to make good on a bad experience. 

— Sandra L. Quinones