Letter: Repeal the oil tax giveaway

Are we Alaskans so gullible that we are going to sit on our behinds and let the crooked politicians give our resources to the big oil companies? These oil companies are already making record profits! It’s obvious that our governor is favoring big oil instead of the people of Alaska. He has ramrodded the oil tax giveaway to the tune of billions of dollars for nothing guaranteed. Just think of the good things that could be done with that money for the people of Alaska.

We now have an opportunity to repeal that giveaway. Find a petition and sign it to get this on the ballot so we the people can vote on it. While we’re at it, let’s make a list of our elected legislators who sold us out and send them packing next election. This legislation makes me think we have the most corrupt state government in the United States.

— Claude Maney