Fairbanks dog turns up skinny, mosquito-bitten, well-traveled weeks after running away

From the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner: River, a 4-year-old chocolate Lab, got spooked and took off running during a June 9 outing off the Steese Highway northeast of Fairbanks. Three weeks later, she was spotted 30 to 40 miles away, across rugged, roadless forest lands, along Chena Hot Springs Road. 

The Rowlands had given up hope of ever finding River until they began getting calls on June 30 about a dog that was seen at 48 Mile. A friend went out to 48 Mile Steese Highway but didn’t see any dog.

On July 1, they heard that they misunderstood the report. A dark chocolate Lab was reported at 48 Mile Chena Hot Springs Road.

It didn’t seem possible this was their dog. ... But the calls about a skittish dog kept coming.

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