Letter: Calling obesity a disease just does not make good sense

So the American Medical Association has decided, in its collective wisdom, to label obesity as a disease. What utter stupidity. (Don’t blame me — I’m not a member and had no say in this nonsense) Now one-third of Americans are stigmatized as “diseased.”

Sure, metabolic disorders and endocrinologic diseases predispose to obesity, as do certain medications. These are side-effects and should not be labeled as a primary disease.

The vast majority of obesity in America today is due to eating far too much of the wrong kind of foods and getting far too little exercise — willful misconduct.

But this being America, after weighing in obese, the newly minted diseased will likely use the legal system to their advantage, seeking special privileges, maybe even filing for disability, while continuing to enjoy their Big Macs, quarter-pounders and 64 oz. Big Gulps.

— William M. Cox, M.D.