Letter: Reader enjoyed commentary on Articles of Confederation

It was with a sense of gratitude that I read David Brooks commentary in the July 4 edition of the ADN. 

Most people today attempting to read the Articles of Confederation would put them immediately aside, unable to understand them, unable to deal with a series of newspaper articles that were the center of debate as to the direction for the new republic, newspaper articles that were widely read with great interest in their day and intensely debated. 

During field visits with his military command staff, Lincoln would spend entire evenings quoting Shakespeare from memory, thereby educating his generals over a barrel of whiskey and cigars as to the nature of what was being defended with the Civil War. Likewise with the foot soldier carrying at his breast a pocket edition of the writing of Frederic Schiller the German playwright-poet-historian-philosopher (those small books sometimes saving them from a mini ball).

Freedom is only necessary. It is not adequate.

— William L. Jennings