Letter: Referendum on oil taxes gives Alaskans a chance to be heard

The referendum on SB 21 gives every Alaskan the right to be heard.

For years now we’ve heard the Alaska Republican Party’s point of view on oil taxation: give the producers whatever they want, but throw in a few freebies to sweeten the pot. In recent years, the Alaska Republican Party successfully seized and expanded its power over state governance in recent years. Now, the Alaska Republican Party and the campaign donors of their — carefully chosen — candidates want to prevent individual voters from formally weighing in on a referendum on SB 21. The Alaska Republican Party implicitly supports the hiring of surrogates, (individuals to interfere with the signature gathering process) because they believe the public “had its chance” to make its feelings known during the last election. 

The public also has the right to change its mind on SB 21 and to change who controls our Legislature. Please sign the referendum booklets and make your voice heard when the opportunity to repeal SB 21 appears on your local precinct ballot. 

— Diane Witt


Anchorage Daily News