#AKfood: Ever tried a quail egg sandwich?

How about a quail-egg sandwich? (You might need two....)
Shannon Kuhn
Jars of southeast sockeye headed for the pantry.
Sandra Firestack

As anglers hauled in their catches the last few weeks, food writers have been pumping out more posts on local seafood. Juneau's Sandra Firestack of Sandra's Recipes has a nice step-by-step post about canned pickled salmon. Kim Sunee wrote about using the summer catch for an Alaska seafood stew in Alaska Dispatch. Shannon Kuhn slipped some Copper River lox in her Sunday eggs benedict

Cool treats also seem to be on the minds of AKfoodies. Maya Evoy of Alaska From Scratch has has been making watermelon-lime popsicles and peanut butter soft serve. Kim Sunee was putting creme fraiche and lemon verbena in her ice cream maker and KTUU's Rebecca Palsha was longing for baked Alaska.

Instagram and Facebook have also come alive with local food pics. Click though for sampling of what's coming out of gardens, farms and poultry pens: including a fried farmers' market quail-egg sandwich, salmon berries, copious zucchini, and lots of lettuce glamour shots ( like here and here.)

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