Letter: Make government show its work

Please see through all the current hype regarding concerted efforts in creating a public indoor tennis facility serving young and old alike.

I believe that the community benefits as a whole, including even certain (for-profit) organizations which might think otherwise.

As to tempests in various teacups being agitated by forces seeking financial as well as political gain in muddying the issues and further attempting to divide and conquer and ultimately derail the whole project, I hope that one realizes sooner than later that such endeavors inevitably reverberate in our small Alaska world — and that stewardship of athleticism is not only a right but also a social responsibility.

Those that have the power over resources should carefully look at the cost of misusing projects for their own short-term gain. Just like larger issues impacting our renewable “resources” (be they fish or fowl, energy, or humans), sustainability, transparency, and governance by and for the people needs to be embedded in larger open forums seeking truth.

— Peter M. Lang