Soldotna bulldog dies trying to chase away a family of grizzlies

From The Redoubt Reporter: The Kapp family, who live in a semirural area on the edge of Soldotna, is mourning Gretzky, their 6-year-old French bulldog who spied a brown bear sow and two cubs wandering through the yard and couldn't be restrained. He escaped through a pet door and ran straight into the midst of the grizzly family.

While the 22-pound dog was tiny in comparison, the several-hundred-pound mama bruin went into defense mode of her cubs. As she started toward the bulldog, [Ryan] Kapp said, Gretzky had sense enough to try and elude her, but wasn’t fast enough.

“She swatted him and knocked him down, then picked him up in her jaws. Then she stood on her hind legs and snapped her head back and forth,” he said.

It happened so fast the family didn’t have time to do anything but shriek “No!” Kapp said. Though he has a gun, he didn’t have time to get it, he said.

When he saw the family dog in the bear’s mouth, though,Kapp couldn’t just watch from the safety of his home. He took a few steps out the door, yelling and waving his arms, and it was enough to distract the bear into releasing Gretzky.

At first, the family thought Gretzky might survive his wounds.

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