Wolf chases cyclist on Alaska Highway despite blast of bear spray

From CBC News: One of three men on a charity bike ride from Idaho to Alaska shifted into high gear on the Alaska Highway in the Yukon when a wolf started pursuing him. Mac Hollan managed to fire a blast of pepper spray into the wolf's face, but the pursuit continued.

"He backed up about 20 feet and I thought he was going to stop,” he said.

“I thought 'what a wild story. I'm glad that's over.' Then he kept running again and came back up to the back of my bike and actually attacked the back of my bike and ended up ripping the bag that I carry my tent stakes and poles in and ripped it off the back of my bike and spilled it all over the highway."

Hollan said the pursuit continued long enough that four vehicles passed before a couple driving a motor home stopped to lend assistance.

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