Letter: DMV should educate drivers about results of their actions

Many Alaska drivers do not appear to realize that motor vehicle regulations constitute a specialized language by which those sharing the artificial environment of the public roads are able to communicate their intentions to other drivers, for the safety and benefit of all users.  Examples of inadequate communication: passing without signaling; passing on double yellow lines; tailgating. These actions all indicate ignorance of the necessity and basis for complying with traffic regulations and manifest a “lone wolf” mentality that is very disruptive and dangerous to complying drivers. 

Alaska DMV has performed poorly in not educating driver’s license applicants to the dangerous ramifications of such thoughtless actions. Drivers may have passed a rote knowledge test of the regulations, but many have no clue regarding their significance and necessity. Immersive computer simulations, depicting the dynamics (laws of motion) of typical dangerous scenarios commonly encountered on Alaska’s public highways, such as speeding and tailgating, could mitigate this education lapse and should be incorporated in DMV’s testing process.  

— Larry Slone