Letter: When mulling development, get information from all sides

To Pebble or not to Pebble: Don’t gamble what you can’t afford to lose.

To develop or not: Evaluate projects individually. To compare oil spills on tundra (damaging caribou) as the same as spills in water, watershed, streams, etc., is specious.

British Petroleum has proved adept at cleaning up numerous spills from gathering pipes at Prudhoe Bay; not so much success in the Gulf of Mexico’s warm waters.

Gather information from many sources, both anti-development and pro-development like me (took first class UA offered in Introduction to the Petroleum Industry [1974], worked the TAPS line [1975-1976], the North Slope [1977-1978] and Standard Oil/British Petroleum [1979-1991]).

Not all developers are rapacious destroyers, just as all “greenies” “tree huggers,” etc., are not trying to “lock up” Alaska. Pro-developers believe their view is moving Alaska forward, as do people with an opposing view.

Among the federal government’s subsidies are those for declining resources. Mother Nature isn’t paid for declining or destroyed air, land and water. Apparently, Mother Nature is getting angry.

— Caroline Bolar