Alaska Ear: Trouble in Paradise? (7/14/13)


Doncha hate when you accidentally hit the "send all" button?

Tittering was heard along the legislative email system Monday when Rep. Les Gara accidentally (one assumes) forwarded to all House legislators an email thread between him and fellow Democrat, Rep. Andy Josephson. Whoops -- it included a message to Josephson from a staffer discussing "the situation" with GT -- presumed by recipients to be Rep. Geran Tarr, who, like Josephson, is a first-term Democrat.

Rats darlings -- the worst complaint voiced was that GT allegedly doesn't play well with the rest of the minority caucus and "can be passive at times." What a waste of an e-mail oops.

More interesting was Gara's comment on him and the gubernatorial race: "I'm way in the back of the line on purpose on a governors run:) Hoping Hollis or (B)ill will do it."

PARADISE IN TROUBLE? . . . Oh no! She did it. She said she's "considering" running for the U.S. Senate from Alaska.

Just when we figured Our Sarah had settled into life as another overpaid but avoidable right-wing TV mouth, she's announced she might run for our Senate seat next year, unless some "new blood" and "new energy" shows up for the primary.

Huh? New blood? Who's more of a re-tread than Sarah? And new energy? She lacked the energy to finish her term as governor.

But nevermind -- logic plays no role in these things. We might as well sit back and enjoy the exchange of barbs between Sarah and Sen. Mark Begich.

After Mark noted that she's not much of an Alaskan these days, Sarah shot back with a Margaret Thatcher quote and the following biting, clever retort:

Really, Mark? Really."

USA Today has the full story, if anyone cares.

SHHH, IT'S A SECRET . . . "The Amazing Race" shot the final episode of its season in Juneau over the 4th of July. It's supposed to be hush hush but someone with the Juneau Convention Bureau spilled the beans.

TIME'S UP . . . One of the diehards collecting anti-oil tax break signatures in front of Barnes & Noble said the effort had amassed 40,000 signatures, which should be enough to get the question on the ballot -- maybe. Wonder who will be verifying that the signatures are authentic? (Just kidding, right?)

WELCOME TO THE WORLD . . . as we know it, Sophia Michael Burke-Williard, born Memorial Day to Dispatch reporter Jill Burke and partner Dr. Mary Williard, head of the Dental Health Aide Therapy program at ANTHC. Sophia, spotted being beautiful in a carry thing at Middle Way Cafe, joins Jill and Mary's other kids, Matthew, 18, Shawna, 17, and Jayden 14.

Jill's byline will be missing this summer as she takes some Mom time.

SUMMER FROLICS . . . From a Dutch Harbor police report: July 6 -- Assault -- "Officers investigated a report of an assault that occurred between two besotted individuals. The two had a disagreement concerning one of the sots consuming the alcohol of the other sot. Sot one, the owner of the alcohol, chased sot two, the consumer of the alcohol, down the hallway of the bunkhouse. None involved wished to pursue charges."

That's all folks. It's just too hot for an Alaska Ear.

Compiled by Sheila Toomey Message Sheila at or 257-4341.

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