Letter: Jury duty call sparks gratitude for the way state picks its judges

Last month I was called for jury duty, and while I was not selected for the panel, I did sit through much of three days of jury questioning. I must compliment both the prosecution and defense and especially the judge, Larry Card, for fully explaining the parameters of the case, the process of the trial and the responsibilities of the jury. They were very polite and respectful of the potential jurors, and even added a bit of humor.

I cite this experience because I am so grateful to live in a state that selects its judges based upon competence and merit, rather than electing judges based upon party affiliation and donations from the attorneys who will appear before them.

Much of my gratitude goes to Vic Fischer, member of the Constitutional Convention, who drafted Article IV of our constitution and continues to defend it today. Thanks, Vic.

— Heather Flynn