Letter: Anonymous good Samaritan eased key-owner’s mind

After losing a set of very important keys on the bike trail on Lake Otis between Huffman and O’Malley very late last Saturday evening, and frantically looking and scrambling to get another set to be at work Sunday morning, imagine my surprise when there was a message from Alaska Club South stating they had my keys! They said someone had dropped them off and my membership tag identified the set. I asked for contact information so I could send these good folks a reward but they left none.

All I can say is a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart; you are true Alaskans, and it’s nice to know that with all the turmoil in the world today people like you are still out there. I just wanted you to know your good deed didn’t go unnoticed.

Once again, thank you, and God bless.

— Bob Lopetrone