Letter: Cowdery didn’t deserve vitriol spewed in comments on website

John Cowdery was a decent man and a hardworking legislator for many years. I worked with him on multiple occasions in several capacities during his time in the Legislature. I mourn his passing.

I find the venom expressed toward him in comments on the ADN website to be repugnant. Yes, he made a mistake and got involved at some level in the scandal associated with the passage of oil tax legislation in 2003 — a mistake he later owned up to. So what? To paraphrase Jesus, who among us is without sin? Are those who are now attacking John’s memory without sin? Have they never done something they regret? I doubt it.

Let’s try some self-control and show some respect for the dead. How about remembering John’s service to Alaska and his love for his family, instead of just launching verbal attacks against him for the big mistake of his life. Dig deep and find some decency; show some courtesy toward his family and friends at this sad time.

— Jack Phelps