#AKFood: Peaches, people

Kim Sunee

By Julia O'Malley

Alaskans love peaches. Maybe there's something exotic about eating them here where they don't grow. They taste like summer somewhere else. Alaska foodies are busy cooking and writing about them. 

Maya Evoy's favorite donut peaches arrived on her porch in Kenai direct-shipped from California. She made caramelized peach pull-apart bread. Kim Sunée in Anchorage was poaching hers in the French apertif wine Lillet Blanc with lemon verbena and a little orange zest.

In other food news, foodies are still riffing on what they find at markets. Shannon Kuhn, writing for the Anchorage Press, cataloged the reasons for her serious addiction to farmers' market shopping. And in the Alaska Dispatch, Kim Sunée wrote about Alaska market potato salad (including a recipe from Alaska potato farmer Mark Rempel). She also stuffed some market squash blossoms with goat cheese and mint. (Here's the recipe.)

This week's inspiring food pics come from Jennifer McGovern (@redheadmomma3), who was making refrigerator pickles. And from the prolific Trysha Mapley (@mapleysmorsels) in Palmer who whipped up some beautiful nasturtium butter and cocktail-worthy chamomile simple syrup.

Final bonus: here's a recipe for some rhubarb lemonade for grown-ups from Alaska distillery.

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