Letter: Factual research can ease race-baiting, help dialogue

Since the “not guilty” verdict came in for Zimmerman, some of the letters to the editor indicate that the uninformed get their information from others uninformed and believe the information is fact.

Mr. Minshall’s July 16 letter is a case in point. Zimmerman’s defense and acquittal was not based on the “stand your ground law;” it was based on self-defense. So much for the “21st century lynch laws.” The stand your ground law never entered the court room.

Mr. James’ inference is that Zimmerman was a racist. His “no blacks allowed” comment indicates the lack of facts in the community and Zimmerman’s involvement in minority outreach.

Minshall’s “whiter” comment ignores the facts. Research shows black-on-black murders are 12 times that of white on black, “white Hispanic” on black, and others. A little factual research can begin to curb the race-baiting.

— Mark Wilcox