Letter: Zimmerman verdict all about race

“It’s a shame, but not a crime?” (Eric Sees, Letters, July 17). And yes, let’s change the color of those involved (Jan Bronson, Letters, July 17). Trayvon is “white-Hispanic” and Zimmerman is black. Any change in the verdict?

This is totally about race. Several of today’s letter writers want to only think about the struggle between the two. But you cannot forget that the struggle came from an armed man following an unarmed teenager at night. He did not identify that he was a Neighborhood Watch person — his admission — and he was told not to follow the youth by the police.

Yes, it is a shame. Yes, it is a crime. Yes, it is an absolute travesty that it ended in acquittal. And it is unbelievable that it happened in my country in the year 2013. Every person who believes in justice is heart-broken.

— Jennifer Carr