Local girl learns life lessons while catching waves in Costa Rica

Local Girl Scout Learns Life Lessons While Catching Waves in Costa Rica

(SAN JOSE, Costa Rica – July 17, 2013): Fifteen-year-old Olivia L. from Anchorage, Alaska recently returned from a life-changing adventure in Costa Rica where she challenged herself and gained compassion for a new culture. 

Olivia describes her adventure as “a great experience” that was “very exciting and fun-filled.”

Olivia, a participant from the Girl Scouts of Alaska Council, joined Outward Bound Costa Rica’s Catching Waves Destination, a course offered in partnership with the Girl Scouts of the USA. This 10-day course presented physical, mental and emotional challenges as the girls learned to surf on world-famous surf breaks. Olivia and her group spent the majority of their time at Outward Bound Costa Rica’s base camp at Avellanas Beach, located in the Guanacaste Province. Instructors taught them to learn how to read and catch waves, pop-up and ride them in. During their trip they also tackled Class II and III rapids on the Pejibaye River, ziplined through the canopies and assisted with local conservation efforts.

The most challenging aspect of course for Olivia was the ziplining, “I’m afraid of heights,” she explains, “but my group cheered me on.”

After ziplining, her group visited the vibrant artisan market of San Jose, which was her favorite part of course, “We got to experience so many amazing things.”

Since 2006, Outward Bound Costa Rica has been partnered with Girls Scout of the USA to offer unique and exciting Girl Scouts Destinations trips in Costa Rica and Panama. These trips provide young girls the opportunity to see the world, meet fellow Girl Scouts from across the nation and challenge themselves through adventure in unfamiliar settings.

Outward Bound Costa Rica’s Executive Director Jim Rowe notes that, “Outward Bound asks people to face tasks that may seem impossible. Confronting these tasks, participants must call upon individual reserves of strength and perseverance they might not think exist. At other times they might find that success requires the help of companions and reliance upon the overall strengths represented within a group.”

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